Pensioners, Health Care Card holders and all children 16 years and younger are bulk billed for surgery consultations.

Home visits are not bulk billed regardless of being on a pension or health care card.

Fees are payable at the time of consultation by cash or EFT. We can process your Medicare rebate on the spot which refunds the Medicare amount back into your bank account or alternatively you can take the receipt to a Medicare office to claim your refund.

If you are having difficulties paying your fees, please talk to your doctor.

A list of our consultation fees are available on the signboard in the front foyer.

Fees List (most common)

Item 3 short consultation:         $35.00

Item 23 general consultation:  $70.00

Item 36 long consultation:        $95.00

Telehealth consultation $70 payable on the phone at time of consult

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