Covid Vaccine Astra Zeneca Availability Update

Picture: Tuesday 23 March 2021 marked our first day administering Covid -19 vaccination.  Our first age group to receive the vaccine were those over 90 years of age. Dr Mary Price administered our first vaccine to the lovely Doreen Crosbie as seen in our photograph.

We are making steady progress with vaccinating our patients. We thank you for your patience so far. We have now vaccinated most of our vulnerable and over 60 year old patients. 

Our team at the Swansea Medical Centre are dedicated to getting as many Covid 19 vaccines administered to our patients and the community in the quickest time possible. As you are aware this is a huge undertaking. Please be patient and kind with our staff during this time.

If you under 60 years of age and still wish to have an Astra Zeneca vaccine, please phone our staff and book an appointment with your doctor to discuss suitability.

For enquiries about the Pfizer  vaccine, please contact Belmont Vaccination Hub.